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Credit Card Processing
Phil Nieto
Audio and Video
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The average dental practice is taking 98.4% more credit card payments today than they did ten years ago, making it more important than ever to know what you are really paying to accept credit cards. Learn the basics of how credit card processing fees work, so you will know what to ask for -and what to avoid - to save money. Learn the 3 most common mistakes practices make when signing on with a credit card processor. And finally, discover the 7 tips you can implement in your practice to make sure you are keeping those fees as low as possible. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: 1. Learn how to calculate your “Effective Rate” 2. Understand the various pricing structures used by credit card processors - which one(s) to request, and which to avoid. 3. Learn the most common – and costly -- pitfalls to avoid when choosing a processor, and before signing a contract. 4. Take away the 7 tips that you and your staff can implement to keep processing fees as low as possible
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