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Dr. Wiliam Simon

Dr. Bill Simon is a 1983 graduate of Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine. He is the owner of two practices in Chicago, City Smiles and Sonrisa Urbana.

Aside from his often described as “dramatic” career, which included a major office fire, an embezzlement scheme and robbery at gun point, Dr. Simon maintains active memberships in  the Chicago Dental Society, Illinois State Dental Society, the ADA and is a Fellow of the ACD, ICD and PFA.

Dr. Simon currently serves on the ISDS Board of Trustees, is Vice Chair of the Executive Committee, and is the immediate Past Chair of the ISDS Access to Care Committee. He is a past President of the CDS North Side Branch and serves currently on the CDS Midwinter Meeting Affairs Committee.  He also serves on the State of Illinois’ Health and Family Service Medicaid Policy Review Committee.

Dr. Simon is passionate about mentoring and speaks nationally to Dental Students and Dentists.

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Associateship or Ownership- Which Ship Are You Sailing?

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Ownership |  Associateship
Dr. Wiliam Simon
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Deciding between becoming an Associate or an Owner can be a daunting task, complete with complicated deliberation and multiple unknowns. This presentation, Associateship or Ownership....Which Ship Are...
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