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ISDS Monthly Webinar Series: Building an Effective, High-Performing Team 12/20/2023

Total Credits: 1 Live Webinar Credit

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Practice Management  |  Team Building |  HR |  Ownership
Connie Traynor
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Connie Traynor's Profile

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Practice Management Advisor

Dynamic Dental Advisors

Connie has over 20 years of dental industry experience ranging from specialty, private, and group practices. She has held leadership roles in the DSO space for over 10 years where she has strategized with teams to create successful outcomes. Her expertise lies within treatment case presentation and acceptance, hygiene coaching and development, and overall office communication and efficiencies.

Connie understands that clinical success is only one of the important factors that will create a thriving practice. She prides herself on really listening to each team, sharing her i ndustryknowledge, and diving into each practice individually to build a collaborative approach to create a thriving practice.