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Influenza and COVID-19 Vaccine Training

Total Credits: 4 Self Study

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Vaccine |  COVID-19 |  Influenza
Dr. Danny Hanna
4 Credit Hours
Audio and Video
Never expires.


  • The video is two hours and 45 minutes.
  • You do not have to watch the video all in one sitting
  • There is a 40 question multiple choice quiz designed to take approximately 45-60 minutes. You must pass with a 75%, and are able to retake the quiz until you receive a passing grade. 
  • There are attendance popups throughout the video that must be completed in order to receive credit for the course. 
  • To receive the discounted price, please log in to your account to trigger the discount at checkout. The course is $75 for ISDS members, and $150 for non-members. 
  • The course will allow you to administer both vaccines in your office. 

ISDS is an approved continuing education (CE) sponsor in the State of Illinois. Courses offered by ISDS, including this one, are approved for CE credit under the Illinois Dental Practice Act for license renewals, including both dentists and dental hygienists.